How to Install an Engine Oil Cooler

How to Install an Engine Oil Cooler

Anytime one thinks of installing an engine oil cooler, they think of the mechanic at the garage. Mounting the engine cooler is one of the simplest tasks you can perform from the comfort of your home garage. All you need is the necessary information on how to do it yourself. Before you embark on the task, you must ensure that you have assembled all the tools you need for the work. Gathering the tools early saves you time once you start working and reduces unnecessary movement.

Gather the tools needed, such as; assorted pliers, engine oil cooler kit, assorted screwdrivers, and any other equipment you may need. Once the implements are ready, you are now set to start the work. Systematically, start by confirming that every part is at your disposal. After you are sure, drain the old engine oil from the pans after removing the old filters.

Secondly, after installing a new engine oil cooler, prepare its frame and drill holes on the engine block next to the radiator. After drilling the holes, mount the new engine oil cooler, ensuring it is well fitted and firmly fixed. We should maintain the free airflow to the cooler to ensure that the cooler works efficiently. As you work on the cooler, take precautions that we must protect the engine cooler from foreign substances that may find their way into the cooler and cause damage.

Fit in the oil tubes from the engine oil cooler to the filters, motor oil, and engine and fix them. Once you are sure that all is set, refill your motor with the engine oil to the recommended capacity. Ensure that the lines (tubes) that draw oil from the motor are neither long nor bent to maintain the right oil pressure to work efficiently. Lastly, start your car engine and let it run for a while to warm the new oil that you have just added.

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